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General questions

It’s easy – just enter your zip code to see today’s low prices. Tell us how much fuel you need and when you need it, and we’re on our way. The whole ordering process can be done online in a few clicks.

We deliver all across Nassau & Queens. You can view a complete list by checking out our Delivery Areas page.

During the winter season, we’re on the road fueling homes around the clock. In the off-season, we deliver Monday through Friday. Availability is always subject to our capacity so be sure to book early.

Our prices are available in real-time 24/7 on our website. You can place your order online, anywhere anytime too!  If you prefer to talk to someone, you can call, text, or webchat us during regular office hours.

We purchase our oil from the same major wholesale oil terminals that supply the entire region. We purchase the fuel wholesale from the terminal and deliver it straight to our customers at a discounted price. We never alter the quality of the fuel we sell. That is a Just Fuel guarantee. 

Many other “discount” heating oil companies compromise on the quality of their fuel by reselling used oil or diluting their products. They do this so that they can offer bottom-of-the-barrel prices that are simply “too good to be true”. Your tank, burner, and furnace will pay the price for it in damage later.

Enter your zip code to see the next available delivery date in your area.

We aren’t able to provide specific time slots as our drivers are routing and re-routing themselves from the road throughout the day based on traffic, weather implications, and so on. But our customer service team always tries to make the best effort to text or call when the driver is on the way to your location.


All the time! Just place your order on our website when you need fuel, and we’ll be on our way.

Typically we leave you in control of how much oil you need and when you want it. It allows you to order when you feel the price is right for you. But if you would like to schedule recurring automatic deliveries, just call, text, webchat, or email us – someone in our office will be happy to set that up for you.

Our minimum delivery is typically 100 gallons (because it actually often costs more to deliver less than that!) and our goal is to keep the price as low as possible for our customers.

Sometimes we will deliver 50 or 75 gallons but the price per gallon will reflect the lower quantity.

You’ll never pay for extra oil that doesn’t fit in your tank. We only charge you for the heating oil we actually deliver. So, if your delivery is for less fuel than the amount you ordered, your price per gallon will be adjusted to that quantity bracket and your credit card will automatically be refunded the difference.

We aren’t always able to give exact time frames because our drivers constantly routing and re-routing themselves from the road based off traffic patterns, weather implications, etc. But our office always does its best to text or call when the driver is on the way to your location.

To keep our prices as low as possible, we keep our delivery hours between sunrise and dinner time.

It’s not uncommon for us to be contacted by customers with small babies, elderly parents, or other at-risk loved ones at home needing heat asap. We completely get it. Our team will always do its best to get to you as soon as possible, but be sure to order well in advance to avoid dire situations. If you’re completely out of fuel, here’s what you can do until we get there.

Payments & pricing

We accept credit and debit card, and sometimes cash upon delivery.

Your credit card is charged when you place your order. Upon completion of your delivery, we reconcile the amount pumped into your tank against the amount purchased on your original order. If your tank took less fuel than the amount you ordered, your price per gallon will be adjusted to that quantity bracket and your credit card will automatically be refunded the difference.

Yes, we typically accept cash. Someone will need to be home during the delivery to pay the driver.

Absolutely. We use a secure PCI-DSS compliant credit card processor, which means all the best practices for security are always met. We also never store your credit card number or security code.

No need to worry — your price is locked in at the time you place your order. So even if the price is higher on the day we deliver to you, you’ll still only pay the price-per-gallon that we quoted on the day you ordered.

We believe in one-low-price-for-all. Instead of discounting up front to “hook” new customers and then making up for it later, we just go straight to the lowest possible price – the first time and every time.

We offer the lowest price possible all day, every day. Sometimes we will offer exclusive coupons and discount codes to repeat customers subscribed to our email list. These discounts can only be redeemed on our website. Be sure to join our emailing list for coupons (we hate junk emails and won’t ever spam you).

Other questions

Most average-sized homes have a 275-gallon tank. But if you want to be sure, you can always measure the size of your tank (height, length, and width) and compare it to standard oil tank sizes online. Other popular sizes are 330 and 500 gallons.

Our rule of thumb is to “re-order at a quarter”. When you see your tank gauge is down to 1/4th full, that’s the best time to schedule your next delivery.

Place an order for the next availability ASAP.

If it is an emergency and your tank is bone-dry you can head to your local gas station with a 5-gallon fuel container and purchase a few gallons of diesel fuel (be sure it is DIESEL FUEL – NOT GASOLINE). You can put the diesel fuel into your tank’s fill pipe. Diesel fuel from the gas station is essentially the same as the heating oil we deliver. It just costs more. A couple gallons will keep you going until we get there, so sit tight and we’ll be there soon.

We don’t because most of our customers already have that covered. Our goal is to keep our heating oil prices as low as they go, so we don’t bake in an extra markup to cover servicing equipment.

If you need a service technician, shoot us a text, webchat, or email and we’ll be happy to recommend someone in your area.

All the time. You can order directly through our website. Just be sure to specify that it is a “commercial” property at checkout.

Yes, we do it all. Contact us directly to let us know what type of fueling you need and someone from our office will get back to you with pricing, availability, and more information right away.

Yes. Contact us directly to let us know what type of generator fueling you need, and someone will get back to you with pricing, availability, and more information.

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